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About the Malawi Education Project

The Project

MEP began life as a book donation project, collecting surplus educational resources - including books, courseworks, sports kit and stationery - and shipping them to Malawi in 2006. In doing so, MEP created two pilot libraries, in Cape Maclear Primary School and Sambani Secondary. Energised by the success of the pilot in Cape Maclear, MEP came back to the UK where support for the project had grown, and decided to turn this good idea into a sustainable, effective and efficient charity.

Educational resources are minimal to non-existent in most government schools, with an average of less than 1 textbook per student. This is one of the many factors that makes the quality of mainstream education achieved low. The problems are much worse for girls than boys, who complete Primary school in much fewer numbers.

What we've achieved

Since its creation in 2006, the project has:

  • installed two pilot libraries, in one rural government funded primary school and one urban private secondary school
  • supported the development and further resourcing of the Cape Maclear library with Chichewa books as well as supplying locally manufactured tables, benches and shelving
  • supported training for school staff on how to effectively use the library and librarianship training
  • employment and training of a full-time library assistant, and creation of systems of library management, lending and monitoring
  • helped Cape Maclear library become a well-used space, impacting on progression to secondary education, improved literacy levels and engagement of school children into the usage and relevance of books
  • initiated holistic packages of library service development at Cape Maclear, which will form the basis of MEP's future library service development work
  • successfully overseen the collection of resources and their final installation at both libraries, to our knowledge making MEP the only charity in Malawi that oversees the installation of books into libraries, ongoing stock control and library service development
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